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Forever Glamorous

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I first met Jacquie Tajah Murdock, walking uptown looking super glamorous in a blue Chanel jacket. She was just about to turn 80 years old and looked absolutely amazing. I went to visit her yesterday, a few weeks before she turns 81 years old. She wanted to show me her new dress and catch up.My good friend Mimi Weddell always said, "You must dance your way through life." Jacquie is a perfect example of someone who dances their way through life.She told me that she still has so much to look forward to, so much learning, travel and adventure ahead.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I met Carola at the Easter Parade in Manhattan and yesterday she invited me over to meet some of her lovely friends. We had a great time discussing age and style and I got some wonderful shots of Carol and friends in their beautiful hats. I'll post the rest of the photos this week, but for now check out Carola's fun Summer looks above.

Style Never Goes Out of Fashion

Monday, June 27, 2011

One reason that the Advanced Style set is so fashionable is because they have realized that style never goes out of fashion. Ladies like 87 year old Helen above, tell me that style is really about knowing what looks good on your body. When I asked Helen if she had a style philosophy she answered," No I have a Mirror. When I look in the mirror and I like something, I say why not you only have one life to live."

Beatrix Ost

Friday, June 24, 2011

Advanced Style is about the freedom to express personal style at any age. At 71 writer and artist Beatrix Ost has the confidence and grace to make any outfit look good. She is proof that style truly does advance with age.

Bakers shoes

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Came home from China to find my new amazing Bakers shoes that I won in a giveaway by The walking Recessionista. Cant wait to throw an outfit together with these bad boys! This will follow soon. Although, at the moment Im nursing a pretty nasty sore throat so might be MIA for a few days. I'll also answer some of the questions you guys have been asking in comments too watch this space. Peace&Love

Ilona Royce Smithkin By The Sea

The weather in New York is dismal and grey, so I thought I give you another dose of Ilona's inspiring words. Here she is on her balcony in Provincetown, Mass .

Zelda Kaplan Celebrates Her 95th Birthday

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Last night Zelda Kaplan danced the night away at her 95th birthday party hosted by The King Collective at The Gramercy Park Hotel.Zelda is an inspiration to us all and a great reminder that age is just a state of mind. A few months back,I talked to Zelda about the secret to staying youthful and vital, she answered, " One must be interested in the world not in own's self." I can't wait to celebrate with her on her 96th!

Ilona by The Sea

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ilona moderating a drawing class in Provincetown
Ilona waving to neighbors from her seaside balcony
Lina shooting some footage for the Advanced Style Documentary
At 91 everything Ilona Royce Smithkin does is accompanied by a great sense of freedom. She lives in the present and enjoys every moment as it comes.When it comes to thinking about the future Ilona says," I just don't buy green bananas anymore, and I only buy small tubes of tooth paste." Ilona is very inspired by the sea, from her turquoise jewelry which reminds her of moving water, to her mermaid paintings which you can see in the video below.

Ilona and Me:"If It's Black It's Got to Have Lots of Diamonds"

Monday, June 20, 2011

I spent the weekend with Ilona in Provincetown, a magical seaside town where she resides all Summer long. We had a wonderful time sitting by the beach and Lina and I got some great footage for our documentary. I will post some more shots tomorrow, but I hope you enjoy these photos of Ilona and I on the beach for now. Ilona's latest fashion advice on wearing the color black,"If its black its got to have lots of diamonds."
Ilona says regarding clothing,"If its black its got to have lots of diamonds."

Rainy Day Style

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Who says you can't look stylish on a rainy day?I met this gorgeous woman outside The National Arts Club looking super fashionable on a rainy Summer's day. I never understand why people choose dark colors for grey and winter days. Why not brighten your spirits with a beautiful green trench like the woman above.

Accents of Red

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This woman looked super cool walking through Stockholm. My favorite part of her outfit was her one red rhinestone stud.

Advanced Style Helsinki

I have been in Scandinavia the past few weeks thanks to Liisa Jokinen and Sampo Karjalainen of the wonderful blog Hel Looks. They invited me to Helsinki to be part of the Hel Looks Weekend festival where I presented my photos along with nine other fantastic creatives. We were all given the choice to pick 20 slides and had 20 seconds to discuss each one. I had a grand time talking about the wonderful Advanced Style ladies and met so many great people. I am working hard on gathering material for my book and will be back in New York on Wednesday.

A blurry shot of my PechaKucha Presentation

Liisa and Sampo are among many few youngsters to appear on Advanced Style!

Summer in Scandinavia

Monday, June 13, 2011

I have been having the best time in Scandinavia shooting Advanced Style and enjoying the sights. I arrived in Copenhagen this morning and I'll be here until Wednesday morning looking for great style. The lady above, like so many of the women I talk to, is wearing an outfit that she has had for many years.She had it made by her favorite dress maker and it still looks good after all these years.
Ulla told me what her 90 year old dress maker shared with her a few years back,"There are two kinds of women, ones with imagination and ones with no imagination. The ones with no imagination can't imagine how clothes will look before they are made and so they should buy from the racks, but those with imagination who can see what they will look like should have things made." Ulla told me that she knows its difficult and expensive to have clothes custom made today, but she said we can still wear our clothes with imagination.

Graduate Fashion Week

Sunday, June 12, 2011

(Bracelets and silver clutch H&M, boots ebay, friendship bracelets Primark)

Some of my favourite shots from my short time in London. (although it was short, it was more than enough-I am 100% a northern girl at heart) I was lucky enough to go to Graduate Fashion Week and was so inspired by the work on show. I went to the Manchester show, a show close to my heart as it was where I showed my graduate collection only a year ago (how time flies) My favourite collection of the day was Esther Phillipson, a collection that combined native knitwear, sheepskin AND amazing prints...you guys should check her out.

Also, Ive included a photo of my new favourite thing-wearing friendship bracelets around my boots, it makes me happy every time I look at my feet, and I got these bad boys from primark, give it a go andpost me your pics!

Anyway, now I am tired and need to pack for a Business trip to China this week! Laters.

Stockholm Style

 I stopped this beautiful lady in Stockholm and asked if I could take her photo. All of the people I have met in Scandinavia have been so lovely. I have been in Helsinki the past few days at the Hel Looks Weekend Festival. If you haven't seen their blog CLICK HERE for some great style inspiration.

Down Time

Saturday, June 11, 2011

So I'm back from a hectic few days in London. I've only been back a few days and I've already bought a new car, found out I'm going to China with work next week AND started work on a new exciting blog project...so watch this space! I 'll post some of my favourite shots from Graduate Fashion Week tomorrow for you all to see. The talent really was amazing and I found some lovely things and spoke to some very talented people.
These shots were taken in the apartment I stayed in in Chelsea in my new hand-embroidered kimono, I honestly don't think I will ever take it off! Catch you tomorrow Lovelies. x

Advanced Style Stockholm

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I have been in Stockholm the past few days with limited access to internet and am now at the airport on my way to Helsinki. When I asked the woman above for a photo, she asked why I wouldn't want to take a picture of someone beautiful,someone younger, why her? I explained that I don't think of beauty in terms of age and that she was in fact very beautiful.She was hesitant,but in the end she thanked me with a smile on her face.

Unbelievably 80

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Would you believe it, if I told you that the gorgeous woman above is 80 years old? I met her on the upper west side and after taking her photo, she invited my friends and I for a glass of wine. I hope to meet with her again and share her secrets with all of you. I will be in Scandinavia for the next few weeks, where I will be presenting my photos at the Hel Looks Weekend and traveling to Stockholm and Copenhagen. I hope to find some great Scandinavian Style!

More Wisdom From a 99 Year Old Lady

Monday, June 6, 2011

A while back I shared 98 year old Rose's top ten ways to look stylish and great at 98. A year later, Rose is wiser and more beautiful than ever. Here are the latest lifestyle tips from an amazing 99 year old woman.

1. Stay Organized "If you take a toothpick out,or a pair of pantyhose, or a hundred dollar bill,always put it back where you found it,because if you add up the the time you spent looking for it later, that's a waste of time."
2."Always tell the truth because if you don't you'll have to think of another lie."
3."Be More, appear Less."
4."Always take the phone off the hook when you're in the bath."
5."Make friends with the maitre de'"
6."Never loan, Never borrow."
7."Never keep anyone waiting. Always be 15 minutes early."
8."Never look back. always look forward."
9."Don't be afraid to tell your age, that's silly. Be proud of your age."
10."Don't frequent a restaurant where they don't crumb the table."

Here are Rose's top ten beauty and lifestyle secrets on how to look and feel great at 98
  1. Find your perfect perfume, people will remember you by your scent. Rose is known for her Pauline Trigere fragrance.She tells her granddaughter "I'll give you anything in the world, but I won't give you my perfume."
  2. Belts and Beads. Rose believes that a belt or unique strand of beads can really make an outfit and they don't have to cost a fortune.
  3. Take care of your feet and wear good shoes, but when you are going out for a night on the town "Fashion comes before comfort" At 98, Rose goes out every single night!
  4. "Walking is a must, its better than doctors or medicine"
  5. No need to use expensive moisturizers, Rose swears by Oil of Olay which she has been using for decades.
  6. "Inexspensive lipstick is as good as expensive, only better!" Rose has tried every brand from Chanel to Lauder and has recently been turned on to Revlon.
  7. Be Unique: "If Everyone is wearing it, then its not for me"
  8. "Be smart enough to know what you don't know"
  9. If you have trouble reading the dinner menu, Lorgnettes are a fashionable and elegant alternative to reading glasses(see example above)
  10. "Be Happy, enjoy what you have at every moment!"

Witch Doctor

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A few late detail pics from a few weeks ago. Today I am packing for London and Grad Fashion Week! So excited to get down there! Look forward to seeing anyone else who's going!

Laters Skaters