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Forever Young at Heart

Thursday, May 30, 2013

For the last 20 years, Ruth 101-years old and Al 89, have been traveling the world together and dancing the nights away. They first met on a cruise, when Al noticed how elegant Ruth was dressed and asked her to dance. To celebrate her 100th birthday, Ruth and Al cruised to the Caribbean. Al told me, "Ruth always looks so gorgeous and she is such a fun person to be with. I love getting all dressed up and riding the bus with her. People always tell us how great we look together."

Lynn Dell Off Broadway

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I was heading to the subway,walking on  W 72nd St. between Columbus and Broadway, when I ran into one of my good friends. Lynn Dell was holding court outside Off Broadway Boutique when I asked if I could take her photograph. You will be seeing more of Lynn than ever because she just got cast in a new TV show!!! For more information CLICK HERE.

Gai Gherardi

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's always fun to photograph people who have a very distinct style and have developed a signature look over the years. Every time I visit  l.a. Eyeworks I look forward to seeing designer, Gai Gherardi and her awesome matching pyjama suits. Doesn't she look smashing?!!!

Cool and Casual

Monday, May 27, 2013

This woman was doing errands on the Upper East Side when I asked if I could take her photograph. I love how she dresses up an otherwise casual look with a flashy belt and gold button details.

Joyce and a St. Bernard

Friday, May 24, 2013

Joyce and I were heading to a tea party at our friend Debra's when we happened upon this adorable St. Bernard.

Beauty At Any Age

Thursday, May 23, 2013

When I asked this striking woman if I could take her photo, she replied, "People sometimes stop me and ask for my photograph. I guess they think I look pretty good for an old lady." She looks stunning for a woman of any age!!!

Debra Rapoport is now on Etsy

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I have big news to report!!! Debra Rapoport has started an Etsy store where she will be selling several of her incredible handmade hats and embellishments. She is working on getting new higher res pics up very soon, but if you want to a quick peek to see what's in store CLICK HERE.

Elaine Norman

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I photographed artist and illustrator, Elaine Norman, wearing one of her hand painted hats. CLICK HERE to see more of her work.

Having the Courage to Play Dress Up All Our Lives

Monday, May 20, 2013

Upon my visit to Orchard Cove a few weeks ago, I met  a lovely woman named Diana. She was intelligent, charming, elegant, beautiful, and she happened to be wearing a gorgeous red head wrap. I was instantly drawn to Diana because of her stunning hair accessory, and the way it which it framed her face, and elevated her presence. When I approached her and asked if I could take her photograph, she was shy at first, but really came alive in front of the camera.

After I took Diana's photograph she shared a story with me. She told me that she was dining at a restaurant when a man approached her and  said, " You know, when you see an elephant in a room, you run the other way." Diana told me that she was hurt by these cruel words, but she didn't let this stop her from wearing what makes her feel comfortable.

I, like the ladies and gentleman I photograph, have been dressing up since I was a little kid. My grandmother would let me go through my grandfather's drawers and play dress up with his old hats, vest, ties and argyle socks. As I have gotten older, I haven't stopped "playing" and enjoying the joy that accompanies this  creative expression. Why should we stop playing dress up, just because we are no longer children???

I later found out that Diana started wearing different scarves and head embellishments due to the  effects of a medical condition. Since recovering she continues to wear her turbans and wraps and has a renewed sense of freedom.

Joy Venturini Bianchi: Fashion For A Cause

Friday, May 17, 2013

During this past week, I have been roaming around the Bay Area visiting friends and family. While in San Francisco, I knew I had to track down one of my favorite style icons, Joy Venturini Bianchi. Joy is not only an international taste maker but also a philanthropist who has made it her life's work to help the developmentally disabled. 

Joy greeted me in an incredible Ralph Rucci jacket and her signature over sized black glasses. "I love your work," she said to me with a smile, "but honestly, I still feel like I'm 15!" Before heading out on a tour of the incredible vintage designer shop she runs on Fulton Street, Joy shared a bit of her story. She has been working with people with disabilities from a young age, volunteering with nuns at her school for an organization called Helpers of the Holy Innocents. Joy later took over as director, where she worked to house people with developmental disabilities in three homes on Fulton Street over the last four decades. Now, she operates the Helpers House of Couture which is a boutique filled with incredible vintage and designer clothing and accessories. Proceeds from the sales go to Helpers, a registered non-profit supporting grants to groups which assist the mentally disabled.

If you are in San Francisco, you must stop by this amazing treasure trove of vintage and designer duds and hopefully meet Joy along the way. If you have any donations or would just like to come in and shop, make sure to make an appointment ahead of time by calling 415-387-3031. If you can't make it into the shop in person check out some of their fantastic pieces on 1st Dibs HERE.

Helpers House of Couture
2626 Fulton Street
San Francisco, California 94118

A Bevy of Beauties

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Here are am with a bevy of beauties at  the Orchard Grove Retirement Community. Aren't I a lucky guy?

Palm Springs Style

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Here is another shot of my gorgeous friend Colleen in Palm Springs.

Life Advice from a 97-Year- Old Woman (VIDEO)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

One of best perks of my job is getting to meet wonderful people in interesting places all over the world. Last week, Debra Rapoport and I  were invited to Orchard Cove Retirement Community to speak as a part of Hebrew Senior Life's College of Retirement lecture series. Before our presentation we had an afternoon to walk around and meet some of Orchard Cove's inspiring residents. It's a privilege to be able to spend time with and learn from so many incredible seniors like 97-year-old Sylvia Carle. Check out the video above to hear how she stays so vital.

Silver and Black

Monday, May 13, 2013

I met April through my dear friend Colleen, in Palm Springs a few weeks ago. After a lovely lunch we went outside to snap a few pictures. Look forward to some more California street style in the upcoming days!

Hana Style- Personal Style Before The Internet

Thursday, May 9, 2013

I have always been interested in the personal style of others and the story behind their fashion choices. People have been documenting their style through "selfies" long before digital cameras and the internet, but many of these archives of personal style remain lost or unpublished. This morning, Hagar Cygler, an artist and photographer from Tel Aviv, sent me information about a fascinating project she is working on. Hagar is working to preserve an archive of photographs, documenting one woman's personal style throughout the 80s, and the journey to discover more about her life and family. Find out more about the project in Hana's own words below and to support the creation of her wonderful book, CLICK HERE.

I found photos of Hannah at the flea market in Jaffa, Israel, when I was buying a stack of photo albums. These were simple albums, full of family photographs. There were many children, weddings and other family gatherings in them. But among all the photos I noticed some that repeated themselves - these were images of a woman, standing in the same place, at the entrance to her home, wearing in each photo a different outfit.

The fixed location, the position and here looks  in these photos, caught my attention. I understood that Hannah was ahead of her time. Hannah got dressed, photographed, printed the photo and placed it in an album, everything the technology of her time allowed her. I decided to continue what Hannah started and opened her blog. The images can be seen at: hanastyle.tumblr.com


The discovery of Hannah was no coincidence: I am an artist, photographer and collector of found images. I collect failed photographs; images that people choose to take out of their albums. I use photography as raw material for my works using different techniques to produce new works from them. When I went through Hannah's albums I found a treasure, in the exact place where everything looks the same, something intimate, exciting and surprising arose.

I've used other pictures from the album to find Hannah. I found the neighborhood; the house and the neighbors and finally met Hannah's heirs. I was a bit surprised by Hannah's story: Hannah had no children, everyone who appeared in the albums – the children, weddings, gatherings - were neighbors. When Hannah died, the content of her house was sold in its entirety and there was no one to remember her and keep the photos.


Hannah documented herself before there was Internet, Facebook and Instagram. She created a series of 46 photographs taken over more then a decade. These images, along with her story and the story of my quest after her, are soon to be published in a book. A book which is the story of each and every one of us - it has our desire to document ourselves, to be remembered and to leave something meaningful after us. This is an art and fashion book, displaying a personal and intimate point of view. It gives us a rare and original glimpse into the everyday life eighties fashion.

Re-Deux, Revisit

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I first photographed Colleen outside her consignment boutique, Re-Deux, in Rancho Mirage, California two years ago. She was totally unaware of how striking she is and it took a bit of convincing from my mom before she would let me take her photograph. I was thrilled with the results and included her portrait in my book. I popped into the store again last weekend to catch up. It was great fun to surprise Colleen and I was delighted to get some great new photos to share with everyone!


Monday, May 6, 2013

Orren Davis Jordan and his wonderful husband Robert Parker are visiting New York from Santa Fe, where they run an amazing jewelry boutique named Wink. After months of communicating online, it was a pleasure to finally meet this incredible duo in person. Not only do we share a passion for over sized accessories, but Orren and Robert are also great friends with Iris Apfel. I can't wait to visit their shop in Santa Fe and get a deeper view into their colorful world.


I just got back from a week in California where I got some great shots from San Diego, Los Angeles and Palm Springs. I always look forward to seeing Pearl on my travels to L.A and hope to check out more of her amazing wardrobe next time I'm in town. I'm off to Boston tomorrow to speak at Hebrew Senior Life's College of Retirement Living series and then back to California to celebrate Mother's Day with my dear mom!!! I hope you enjoy all the posts from Cali coming soon...

If You Want To Dress Like An Advanced Style Lady...

Friday, May 3, 2013

I remember the first time I saw a picture of a woman wearing an arm full of bracelets. I was at the library with my grandmother, flipping through photography books, when I came across Man Ray's photographs of Nancy Cunard. I showed the photos to my grandma and she said, "Honey, those are bakelite bracelets, I have some at home if you want to look at them." One of my favorite pastimes when I was a child, was to look through my grandmother's wooden drawers full of treasures from the past. I  remember these times so well: Flipping through her old photographs, peering through her mother's antique, mother of pearl opera glasses, and letting strands of beads and bracelets cover every inch of my tiny hands. She invited me into her private world and told me stories of her past, while shaping my sense of aesthetics for the future. My grandmother never made me feel like a little kid, never made me feel bad for asking any question, and always had time to show me something new.

When I moved to New York from San Diego in 2008, I took everything I had learned from my grandma with me. This is probably the reason I started to approach older women on the street(my grandmother had recently passed) asking them questions about their personal style, and wanting to share their stories with others. One of the things I noticed was that many of them were wearing armloads of bracelets-- Or was it me who was drawn to something I had seen in my past, a moment once shared with my beloved Grandma Bluma?

Dolores Forsythe: Bichons and Bangles

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ever since I started taking photos, my mom has been scouting ladies for me all over California. The other day she was having lunch in Coronado, when she happened upon a wonderful jewelry store named d Forsythe. As soon as she met the owner, Dolores, she knew that she'd be a perfect candidate for Advanced Style.
I am based in New York, but travel back to California fairly often. A few days ago I arrived in San Diego for a conference I was speaking at. After picking me up at the airport, my mom drove me straight to Coronado(even before getting a bite to eat) to check out Dolores' magical shop.Dolores was a delight and  even shared some of her make up tips in the video above. If you are in San Diego, make sure and stop by and check out some of  Dolores' amazing accessories.For more information on her store CLICK HERE.